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Sat Sep 22 00:20:12 UTC 2007

On 09/21/2007 ac wrote:
> When you delete the freespire partition (the system partition and 
> also 
> probably the swap partition, probably at least two partitions)
> then note the sizes of what you have - note the size of the windows 
> ntfs partition and note any other partitions - sometimes there is a 
> 50Mb or so partition near the start (fat 32 maybe) - to aid diagnosis 
> (from manufacturers such as Dell).
> The reason to note sizes is that when you are answering questions in 
> the installer, or whatever, the sizes will help you to confirm your 
> thinking and identification of the partitions or space that you are 
> deciding about.

I replaced the original drive with a blank 80G I partitioned into two 
40G drives [ well as close as you can cause the "80" isn't really "80" - 
more like 79 something. ] As it turned out the Linux half turned out 
just a tiny bit larger.

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