List email headers

Stew Schneider stew.schneider at
Fri Sep 21 13:49:21 UTC 2007

Michael wrote:
> I am using K 7.04 and Thunderbird.  When I retrieve my email, it is
> sorted in to different folders, depending on what mailing list the email
> comes from.  This is done using Thunderbird's filter function.  I use
> the subject line for the others, but the Kubuntu mailing list does not
> pre-pend the word Kubuntu in the subject so it fails the filter.  I know
> there are other headers I could use - I just don't know how to do it? 
> Can some one lead the way?  Or is this question more appropriate on a
> Thunderbird list?
No problem, Michael. I filter on list-id. If you hit View|Headers|All 
you can see all the headers. List-ID isn't one of the default filter 
options, but you can add it. Works a charm.


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