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Fri Sep 21 12:30:51 UTC 2007

ac wrote:
> Billie Walsh wrote:
>> Is there a CD that can be downloaded and burned that will JUST install, 
>> not load then install?
> Yes this is the so called 'alternate' iso.
> It will boot into an install menu, and is not a live CD. It runs as an 
> installer in text mode not GUI.
> see
> and as a specific (UK) example
> kubuntu-7.04-alternate-i386.iso

Downloaded it, but haven't taken time to burn it yet.

>> I set my laptop up to dual boot
> If your laptop is already running as dual boot, then what are you 
> using - as OS's and also which boot manager?
> (windows and linspire?)

Win XP and Freespire 2.0 using Grub.

>> and wanted to install Kubuntu on the 
>> system. When I tried it tried to load like a "Live CD" then install. The 
>> laptop is a little bit short of memory for that technique. I did get 
>> Linspire installed because it JUST installed instead of trying to load 
>> into memory first.
>> So far it seems to be working fine. Got a ways to go before I get it all 
>> setup, but.........  I would much rather have Kubuntu.
> How do you intend to proceed? Will you delete the linspire and replace 
> it with kubuntu?
> For example if you deleted the linspire partiton/s (probably including 
> swap) to leave yourself with a large  unused space, you might find 
> this an easy install option which will be recognised by the installer.
> good luck

That's kind of my intention. Just delete the partition and go for it 
with Kubuntu. What I should have done in the first place was wait for 
some answers here before I did something like install Freespire. Nothing 
is done that can't be fixed.

I plan on kicking up the ram. That should help a bit.

Billie Walsh
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