Replaygain tags

Mark Kelly kubuntu at
Thu Sep 20 14:11:15 UTC 2007


On Thursday 20 September 2007 14:47, Rick wrote:
> is there any burner application, that support replaygain tags, when
> burning a audio cd ???

Replaygain is specifically designed to leave the original audio data 
untouched. It will only affect the replay of the file that has the tags 
applied, and only then if the player application supports it.

To burn normalised versions of your tracks to CD, you'd be best off making 
a copy of all the files, then normalising those for burning.

If your files are in mp3 format, look at mp3gain, for any other format you 
probably want to expand the files to .wav format and use normalize-audio 
before burning the wavs.

Both of these programs are in the repos.


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