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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Sep 20 03:19:36 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 19 September 2007, msmarti58 wrote:
>>No Marti, some of us didn't. I've had in chronological order starting in
>May I pick your brain? I'm curious, when DOS came out,

It was a kludge, broken at that.  My experience with anything one could call a 
DOS was with OS-9 level one, running on a 64k TRS-80 Color Computer with 2 
floppy drives at first.  We did things with that that took M$ till W95 to 
come anywhere near close, and W95 didn't multiuser/multitask as well as a 
coco could.  Radio Shack purposely tried to downgrade its appeal by making it 
a games machine so it wouldn't seem to be competition to their much more 
profitable X86 boxes they were trying to sell then.  But turned loose and 
expanded with some third party stuff, it was smoother and noticeably faster 
than any of their 1000 series machines ever thought of being.

>why didn't some of 
>you start out with DOS, and then gravitate toward Windows?

Were already doing things windows couldn't.  FWIW, one of the many coco's I 
still own is setup in the basement, bootable from its hard drive right now.  
One doesn't just pull the plug on an old friend that taught me what a DOS was 
supposed to be, and it sure wasn't the crashomatic crap Bill was selling.

>Or why not Apple? 

Wayyyyy too expensive.

>Were you all just tinkerers? Had you heard bad things about Microsoft?

Even then, the M$ canines were showing.

>I started out with an Apple Macintosh, because I was working in a place that
>had them, and it made sense to have the same kind, so I could bring my work

Same story, but with the amiga's.  We were doing some pretty heavy duty 
graphics work at the TV station, so I bought an A2000 and expanded it, 
running it as the main machine here for several years in the 90's.

Same with linux.  We started using linux boxes for servers, so I built one, 
put RH5.1 on it and brought it home, replacing the amiga when it died of a 
broken hard drive.

>Then, I had heard so much about Windows machines, that my next big 
>move was to Windows.

We also had windows machines to maintain, and TBT, trying to maintain a house 
full of winsucks boxes (about 50 of them now) that were always full of 
virus's was a headache I wasn't about to bring home.

>I had heard of Linux, but had never seen any reason to 
>gravitate towards it. It sounded intimidating, with all the stuff you
>supposedly had to type into a command window, myself being unused to that
>manner of interacting with a computer.

He/she who can type a single line of code and find a lost file from the 
command line is master of his universe.  GUI's are nice, when they work...


>>The name '3D' still doesn't ring any bells, nothing remotely resembling


>I think we are talking about two separate things. Go to
>http://www.secondlife.com They have a Linux version. It's a graphical chat,
>but much more. I wouldn't want to get you hooked, but once you go there, you
>WILL be hooked, I think. It's like playing The Sims 2, in that you have an
>avatar, but much better, and you can interact with people.

Sorry, that sort of game environment has never appealed to me, real life has 
enough problems to keep one 'out of the bars' so to speak.


Cheers, Gene
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