Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu

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Marti Andrews wrote:
> Okay, I did this, and can now access my internal ntfs hard drive, but I
cannot access my usb external hard drive, also ntfs. I can mount it, but I
cannot open it.
> We're getting there, I think!
I visited with Marti via IM the other night. I couldn't mount her external
USB drive, either. Marti told me that she hadn't formatted the drive, just
plugged it in and recorded something on it. Guessing that it was FAT32
andthat it had been designated /dev/hdc1, I had her run fdisk on it and
printed the table. It was hash. That could be the problem.

Yes, Stew, I looked when I was in Windows, and it said it was NTFS. KDE
doesn't like it, but GNOME puts it right there on the desktop, right from
the install sequence, so I dunno. I went back to GNOME. Why tear my hair out
over KDE? It was slicker looking, and had lots of programs, but it was
slower than GNOME, a lot of the programs kept hanging, and I wasn't getting
anywhere. Being the tender footed newbie I am, I would hazard a guess that
maybe the behavior between the two depends on how a person's computer is set
up? Now, if KDE had gone right on and I had no trouble, I'd be saying how
great it was. As it is, I'm saying I hate it.


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