Is this the right place to ask questions about installing Compiz-Fusion?

Clay Weber claydoh at
Wed Sep 19 22:10:51 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 10:33:31 am Robert Tilley wrote:
> Or is it such a specialized topic that I should refer this to a website
> forum?
> I'm trying to install compiz-fusion on Kubuntu Feisty KDE and having
> absolutely no success.  I follow the instructions at
> and the only response after a "compiz
> --replace" is for all but one window to disappear.  That window also loses
> it's border with the various Close, Minimize, Expand buttons and the Title
> Bar.  There is thus no way to move or resize it.  I must then log out
> through the K menu and never restart compiz.
> Thanks, Bob
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> Good day to let down old friends who need help.

one thing to check/try is to make sure you have the 
package 'kde-window-decorator' innstalled, and run compiz
like this:

compiz --replace && kde-window-decorator

 This may give you the titlebar and buttons, etc, and will look like a 
standard kubuntu window decoration.

You also can try using the emerald window decorations, by installing emerald, 
and running compiz like this:
compiz --replace && emerald --replace

Then you can try out some of the themes

To get back to your normal desktop, you can run this command from the kmenu's 
Run Command dialog;

kwin --replace

so you don't have to log out or kill your xserver

Clay Weber 

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