Is this the right place to ask questions about installing Compiz-Fusion?

Trevor tpankonien at
Wed Sep 19 21:38:38 UTC 2007

Robert Tilley wrote:
> Or is it such a specialized topic that I should refer this to a website forum?
> I'm trying to install compiz-fusion on Kubuntu Feisty KDE and having 
> absolutely no success.  I follow the instructions at 
> and the only response after a "compiz --replace" 
> is for all but one window to disappear.  That window also loses it's border 
> with the various Close, Minimize, Expand buttons and the Title Bar.  There is 
> thus no way to move or resize it.  I must then log out through the K menu and 
> never restart compiz.
> Thanks, Bob

I am pretty sure I ran into this issue with my laptop that has an 
unsupported ATI video card in it.  Run 'fglrxinfo' from the command line 
and post the results and we can go from there.


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