Flash troubles...

john d. herron paradox.herron at bluewin.ch
Wed Sep 19 17:24:54 UTC 2007

Some 15 days ago I sent to the list the following  'help!' call:

"I recently re-installed the Flash 9 player from Adobe's site. I had 
first installed it about 1 month ago and it worked fine, but then, one 
day, it just stopped cold.
Now, as I was attempting to load a videoclip on CNN's website, this 
message came up:
"The video timed out attempting to play.
Please ensure that you do not have any Flash Blocking plugins active."
What would be considered 'Flash blocking plugins' and, if I find any, 
how can I deactivate them?"

Someone who replied to my message (and I somehow managed to lose that 
reply: please forgive me...) wanted to know whether I'd tried out to 
view video files on other site, e.g. YouTube.
Well, I did try a number of other sites (YouTube, Eurosport.com, 
jovianarchives.com, ...) with no success. However, on these attempts I 
got no messages of any kind: only the relevant page featuring a frozen 
video window.
By the way: I'd installed the Flash 9 player from the Adobe website 
because Adept only offered Flash 7, which is apparently not supported on 
the sites of many providers of video material.

Any help will be thankfully appreciated
kubuntu 7.04 on
i586 w/ 512 MB


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