Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 15:02:57 UTC 2007

I use Kubuntu for a reason! I like to have a nice system made for me
but I have installed Gentoo 3 times to learn and as a challenge. What
is great about it is that you get to build your own system and thus
learn all about your own system and Linux from the ground up.

You build a system just for you. Because of this the system is tuned
to your computer. All the software is compiled for your computer by
your computer and all the settings are set for your computer to run
best. All the kernel moduals are just for your computers parts and
thus it is small and loads fast. Of course this is provided you really
understood what you were setting.

Fans of it want their computer to be the fastest it can be or they
have special desires that can be easily fulfilled with custom settings
or software and they have the skills, time and knowledge to keep it


> What's so special about Gentoo? I went to their website and tried to see
> what it was about but about all I found was a LOT of braggadocio. Lots
> of "How great we are" without much actual information.
> I guess it must be good. Larry the cow thinks it's great.

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