Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Tue Sep 18 06:41:56 UTC 2007

Marti Andrews wrote:
> I believe it's Feisty. Is that 7.0.4?

OK, so Feisty Fawn it is (=7.04).

> I'm still totally new to typing 
> stuff in the  command window, it is so different from Windows!

Well, that's how I feel when I boot to Windows - nothing works as 
expected :)

> I still can't find 
> my other drives, just the one drive that Ubuntu is on.

When I installed Kubuntu 7.04 on my laptop, the other partitons were 
mounted below the /media folder - maybe you have a look there. But there 
is another option. I read the entire thread again, and I found a mail 
from Ralph Alvy. He wrote:

| Have you made sure you checked this page in the KDE Desktop
| Configuration: 
| RightClick on Desktop
| Configure Desktop
| Behavior
| Device Icons

But there is one thing he didn't tell you: On that page that comes up, you 
should check the box for "mounted hard disk partitions" (or something 
similar - this is just my translation) or maybe all boxes. Next 
hit "apply" and "OK". Then logout of KDE and login again. Now there 
should be symbols on the desktop for your partitions.

If that worked, there is one problem left: you probably can't write to 
your NTFS partition. However I can't elp you with that problem.


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