Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sun Sep 16 19:59:38 UTC 2007

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

> On Sunday 16 September 2007, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> KDE & Gnome _don't_ generally find your fixed drives (USB connected
>> drives
>> are another matter).  The fixed drives are listed in /etc/fstab and I
>> guarantee the same version of Ubuntu & Kubuntu will find the same ones.
> This is what I was getting at with my own assessment as well.  I assumed
> the bits he wasn't seeing via Kubuntu should be in the category of stuff
> the installer would put into fstab, so it should be desktop-neutral.
> Now that I re-read and realize he said "NTFS" instead of "NFS" (I didn't
> think his perspective through, and I switched away from Windows before
> NTFS was common) I'm thinking it's probably something different at the
> desktop level, and the user is finding the GNOME way more intuitive for
> this.

It still shouldn't matter.  The installer should have found it and set it up
in /etc/fstab.
> GNOME and KDE really are quite different, and maybe this issue really is a
> userland problem after all.  It sounds like maybe the GNOME way of doing
> whatever this user is trying to do is more intuitive to him.
> I can't really understand the underlying issue, since I don't have any
> partitions, and seldom use graphical file browsers for anything.  I'm
> afraid I can't relate well enough to be of further use.

The only thing that makes any sense to me is that he is expecting Gnome to
put an icon on his desktop - which KDE _can_ do, but doesn't by default.

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