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> I have an Kubuntu 6.05 installed on my system. I want to know how to
> get the drivers for the usb netgear wi-fi stuff.I heard there is
> ndiswrapper which can be used? any idea does kubuntu support
> ndiswrapper?

First to the easy part of your question: yes, Kubuntu does support

However, this may not be what you need.  Is the usb wi-fi "stuff" a usb
dongle?  Or a usb modem?

If it is a usb dongle, it *should* work as a a usb device, and any
version of the kernel beyond 2.4.x will support it.  However, I have
heard of some usb wi-fi dongles which search for elements of the
Windows operating system before activating (much like winmodems).  You
have not specified the hardware for which you want drivers so its
impossible to say whether this is the case.

For what its worth, I have found the TP-Link TL-WN321G dongle (or as
they refer to it "wireless usb adaptor") to work well with a TP-Link
TL-WR541G wireless router *and* a D-Link DI514 router, but only when
there is no other wireless PCI adapter installed, there is no wired
connection to the router through the NIC card, and there is "line of
sight" between the dongle and the router. This has been confirmed under
both Kubuntu and Mepis distros.

I noticed, however, that the signal strength from my TP-Link router was
not very high when tested on my wife's PowerMac G4 in another room,
until I built a home made parabola for the antenna (with the help of
some of the very helpful people on the list) and raised the router on
top of a wardrobe.  The point I am making is that your dongle might not
be working due to factors other than the lack of software.

Modems that are connected via the usb port are a different matter, and
I would have to know the precise details of your wi-fi set-up before I
could hazard a guess.

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