Tim M southern.tim at
Tue Sep 11 12:56:43 UTC 2007

> Doesn't automatix just add repositories for apt?  In which case, all the
> packages remain on the system, but can be removed by normal apt tools or
> will be updated from the other repositories in your sources.list if newer
> versions become available.
> --
> derek

Despite all the dire warnings I have used Automatix to install Nvidia
drivers and a few other programs. When I have had a problem with the
Automatix I got extremely quick answers to my questions from their forum. If
a program is added with Automatix it can be removed using command lines or
Synaptic. However if you still have Automatix on your machine it should be
used to uninstall because (at least to my knowledge) Automatix will not know
that the program has been removed. The programs gets a lot of bad press on
this list and might indeed break things . . . but I am so good at breaking
things that I seldom notice.

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