apt-get error -> resizing partitions.

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Sep 10 15:04:17 BST 2007

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

> On Saturday 08 September 2007, Knapp wrote:
>> Also I was wondering about the fact that root has only 31% usage and
>> boot and home need room. Can the extra space be transfered somehow?
>> How? Without backing up everything and reformatting the drive? Maybe I
>> just need to buy a new drive?
> It's supposed to be possible to resize and rearrange partitions, but the
> no-risk quick and dirty alternative would be to simply use symlinks. 
> That's what I usually do myself when I find I haven't given enough space
> to hold a particular directory.
> It would be easier to do this with a directory other than /boot.  It's
> been so long since I fiddled with /boot that I can't predict what would
> happen if you
> moved your kernels from one partition to another.  I'd have to go
> experiment, and I'm not really feeling that adventuresome this morning.

I would suggest that, unless it is necessary to have a /boot because you're
sharing it with multiple other OSes (unlikely with a mere 37M partition),
you'd be better off to just move all of /boot back under /, completely
remove the /boot partition, and reinstall grub (so that it points to the
right partition).  The major problem with having a /boot partition is that
it's a complete waste of space to give it more room than you need for at
most two images, but occasionally you want a third, or fourth...

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