Today's Gutsy updates broke my display

Michael Bach (gmx) bach.michael at
Mon Sep 10 18:39:28 UTC 2007

Art Alexion wrote:
> I can't do a screen shot because that doesn't show the problem.  After running 
> the daily updates via aptitude and rebooting (there was a kernel update) a 
> horizontal black band, approximately 1/6 of my screen in vertical height, 
> running the full width of my screen obscures my work space.  I tried poking 
> around in xorg.conf, but I'm not sure what to change.
> Hardware is Intel i810 video chipset and a Dell 4:3 flatscreen monitor which 
> likes 1280x1024 60hz
> If this isn't clear, I can do a screen shot and paint the black band with the 
> Gimp.
> The mouse disappears in the black band. There is no problem with the other 
> character based ttys.  Knoppix boot disc does not display the band.
> I don't think this is relevant, but the monitor/keyboard/mouse is connected to 
> a kvm with this kubuntu gutsy box, an xubuntu feisty box and a win XP box.  
> All working fine except this one.  Please help.

Hi Alex,
two things come to my mind:
1.) Is the black band already present when you boot (grub-menu if any,
boot splash)?
2.) Change the refresh rate in xorg.conf and see what happens.

regards, Mike

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