Run Comand Dialogue 'Freezes'

Tim Johnson tim at
Mon Sep 10 16:03:52 UTC 2007

On Sunday 09 September 2007, Rod Joyce wrote:
> Have you tried killing the window from Ksysguard or Konsole?
> Rod

No, but that would probably work. As for Neil's comment:
I just realized that some combinations of ctrl-alt-escape don't
work, but found one that does. 
However, it gets worse. If I kill the dialogue, the next instance doesn't
work either. And now, if I log out, instead of getting kdm, I get a black
screen - not a console and must do a hard reboot.

I had this same problem when I first installed kubuntu, and I was informed
that it is related to a known bug that can be 'fixed' by an edit in xorg.conf.
I made that edit but :-( I don't remember what it was that was changed.

Now that I have installed a new monitor and kubuntu has rewritten xorg.conf,
I'm beginning to suspect that the same edit is needed.


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