iriver T60 track playing order

Mark Fraser kubuntu at
Sun Sep 9 10:37:05 UTC 2007

On Sunday 09 September 2007 11:21:34 David Fletcher wrote:
> I've just bought an iriver T60 music player.
> The ogg tracks I've ripped using grip play without problems and the sound
> is excellent, but does anybody know how to get them to play in the same
> order as they are on the album?
> I have always ripped tracks so that they appear in alphabetical order, and
> using Rhythmbox on the PC they all play in the correct order, but the T60
> scrambles the playing order every time.
> I've tried with both ogg and mp3 formats, it makes no difference.
> Does anybody know how to get them to play in the correct order on the T60
> please?
> Dave Fletcher

Have you tried renaming them so that the file name starts with the track 

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