iriver T60 track playing order

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Sun Sep 9 14:52:22 BST 2007

David Fletcher wrote:
> I've just bought an iriver T60 music player.
> The ogg tracks I've ripped using grip play without problems and the sound is 
> excellent, but does anybody know how to get them to play in the same order as 
> they are on the album?
> I have always ripped tracks so that they appear in alphabetical order, and 
> using Rhythmbox on the PC they all play in the correct order, but the T60 
> scrambles the playing order every time.
> I've tried with both ogg and mp3 formats, it makes no difference.
> Does anybody know how to get them to play in the correct order on the T60 
> please?
> Dave Fletcher
Courtesy of Matt Flaschen from an earlier thread (Re: KAudioCreator and Mp3 player 
playing order):

[You need to use id3v2]
KAudioCreator uses lame's command-line interface already. Here's how to add the 

1. Open KAudioCreator.
2. Click the "Settings" menu.
3. Click Configure KAudioCreator...
4. Click the Encoder tab (on left).
5. Click Lame in the top list.
6. Click "Configure" in the upper right.
7. Add " --id3v2-only" (no quotes but a space before the --) at the end
of the "Command-line field"

Tell me how that works out.

Matt Flaschen



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