C Language Library Manual: which package?

Ali Milis almilis at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 21:59:25 BST 2007

Jared Greenwald  wrote:

> You could just go to google and type in "man stdio.h" and get plenty
> of online versions of the man page.

The package name was "manpages-dev" (thanks to Fajran).
That package is quit handy to find out a function syntax
as well as which header file to include.

>> if (ii > 0) {
>>    aa = bb;
>>    int jj = 0;
>>    ...
> C++ allows for this and its only local to the if statement.

Yes, Java and C++ allow this. But does C?
(It took me a while to find out, why my "jj" variable acts
very funny.

thank you for all,

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