For you Linux programmers out there?

Knapp magick.crow at
Thu Sep 6 06:10:16 UTC 2007

I am going to try and replay to all the things written at one go.
So first the Zone. I used to write professionally for the C-64, a much
simpler system that what we all use now. At that time I actually
became hypothermic from getting up and programming until 3 pm without
eating, turning on the heat or getting dressed. OK, yes, I know it was
strange. I wrote complete programs then without error or need of
debugging 2 times (about 10 pages of c64 basic). But during this time
I documented my code. Not well but enough to know what was going on
with it. I find it hard to beliave that anyone can understand there
code well after a long time of not seeing it. Maybe my example of 3
years was to short a time. And yes, good coding helps a lot, as does

I don't have any trouble write code and documenting it at the same
time because what I write for docs is just saying what is already in
my head about the code as I write it. But writing the book like part
is totally different way of thinking for me too.

As to a program not needing user docs, I would say yes, sure, if you
are writing pac-man. If you are writing a big API or code libraries or
something like Blender 3d then there is no way to use it without
reading the docs. Or how about vim, FlightGear, CrystalSpace, Panda3d,
Or Open Office? I don't think you can or ever could use any of these
programs well without any documentation. And in most of these cases I
would not change much about the way they are designed, they are
complex because once you have learned them you become efficient. Often
there is a trade between user-friendlyness and efficiency. Of course
sometimes you can get both in the best of designs but this is not
always possible.

I think we are getting way off topic for the list but I have been
having fun. LOL


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