The compiz-kde package. How do you get it working?

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Thu Sep 6 06:08:06 UTC 2007

On 8/29/07, Scott (angrykeyboarder) <geekboy at> wrote:
> I installed it. But now what do I do?
> This seems to be a much smoother process on the GNOME (i.e. Ubuntu) side.
> All I can find on this subject relates to installing Beryl.
> I don't need Beryl. I don't want exploding or burning windows. The
> shadowing (and to a lesser degree, the wobbly stuff) is all that I'm
> interested in. I've got it working fine in GNOME (thanks to the
> handy-dandy "desktop-effects" program).
> The compiz-kde package is in the Ubuntu feisty repo, so there must be a
> reason for that. :)
> Curiously,
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I'm not using Feisty right now, so I can't check if it works.
Looking for the same thing. just for Gutsy, I stumbled upon this:

It's a script that compiles and installs Compiz Fusion with a
launscher and everything and the people in the Forum seem to be quite
content when I read it.

Maybe it works for you.

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