For you Linux programmers out there?

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Wed Sep 5 02:11:05 BST 2007

Knapp wrote:
>> 9/4/07, Billie Walsh <bilwalsh at> wrote:
>> You see, there are still a few things I haven't found a
>> Linux replacement for.
> Just wondering what it is you still must use XP for?
> Douglas

A couple are:

Microsoft Streets and Trips - I haven't found a mapping/routing
software to compare with it.

A program called GR Level Three. This one is a real time, live,
radar program. It allows us to log into any NWS radar site and
watch the radar live [ well, a couple seconds delay ]. It also
takes GPS readings and plots our position on the screen. Pretty
handy when out storm chasing.

Billie Walsh
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