For you Linux programmers out there?

Knapp magick.crow at
Tue Sep 4 07:07:55 BST 2007

First of all I was a MS Windows user too. I made the switch and don't
know why you can't. Maybe you can tell us and we could help you? Yes,
there have been times when it was hard and also a year when I duel
booted until I was good enough and Linux was good enough to make a
full switch.

Making Linux look like windows with the "MY" everything could be done
but I for one have always thought that was the worst sort of
egocentric naming ever. I am glad that I don't have to see it here

Next as for making everything the same. Yes, it would make like easier
and is a good thing in some ways but there is a reason that there are
about 400 distros on distrowatch. It is because many people feel that
things should be done some special way. So what do you want? It all to
be the same or do you want it to be just right for you? With that in
mind there are distros that are just for people like you, ones that
try to be MS without getting sued off the planet and also Linux at the
same time. Look on distrowatch and find one.

And the last point of things not working. I too have problems with
printers. I am having one now. My printer will not work at all and it
did work last year with Kubuntu. I have asked for help here and no one
could help me. This is life with Linux. The printer was free and would
be nice if I could make it work. 5 years ago it was much worse. It has
become so much better that many people as starting to switch to Linux
but I for one still see Linux as a bit to young for this. Maybe in 2
more years with the way things are going it will be 90% closer to that
goal than now. In the mean time watching it grow up is almost as
exciting as watching my kids grow up.

One last thought. If you want a computer to run Linux then buy a Linux
computer (one that has Linux certified parts, look at redhats site for
a list:  ). You would not expect MS to
run on Apples would you?

One last though, Yes, Linux can do a lot to get better and become much
easier to use. Also when you write software 10% of the time is is the
writing. 90% is in the polishing and debugging and that does not
include writing the documentation. To all the programmers out there,
please work on making better documentation because this is where I see
the real failing on many projects. Also to everyone, please date all
written docs. I can't tell you how many times I have found just what I
need, only to find out it was written 10 years before and does not
work anymore. I would be great to have a way to search for docs that
are only for the version that you are using at that time. Fantasy,

All in all I think Linux is doing very well for a $ free system. You
all so could pay for help you know (Redhat etc).


PS I have never used Redhad and don't work for them. LOL

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