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Hello Ubuntu and kubuntu programmers

Just some questions and suggestions.  I'm a newbie Linux user, or I should say "tried to be".  I have been with MS when-does (Windows) since 3.0 I have owned all of the OS MS has put out since it started.  But, I have tried to switch to Linux many times.  It might be smart to have a Windows user try to setup your Kubuntu / Ubuntu OS.  Not just install it but try to setup a printer driver that they would have to download.  Or setup their router properly, or share files between Linux and MS.  I think you'd really get some good input to improve your OS by doing this.
To all the 'Linux is better' people out there that say 'He's a newbie! He don't know anything!' I say, 'Remember everyone starts as a newbie' and if the 'newbies' like me? cant stay with Linux long enough to become experienced then it will go away eventually.  Now a simple Question to all the Linux programmers out there?  Why can't Kubuntu get the drivers from where it gets the applications.  Just make a "Drivers" area?... Get all the drivers for all the Distro's?  Put them in one place.  So it would be 'add/remove Programs/DRIVERS' OS goes out to the web. Then you go to the 'DRIVERS' directory, then go to 'PRINTERS'.  Cant it be that way?  What about an application that works with Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse and "whatever others" that are different to work INSTALLING to whatever Distro? Something that combines "alien with apt-get or adept"?  Program it to make a .tz and .RPM (or whatever) to work with (whatever) Distro I have.  If it is 'Open-source' then the "Application" should be able to tell the difference between them.  Why don't they (programmers) make the Distro's work together easier?  Is it possible to give Ubuntu / Kubuntu an option that looks like the desktop of "When-does" (Windows) even more than Free-spire? With a similar "File manager and similar (My Computer, My documents, Control Panel) icons"? For the Newbies that want to switch but need more time to learn? I know that MS Word came out with a way that law offices could switch from "Word Perfect" by making "Word" work like WP. 40% switched.  What good is all the freedom of choices, open-source, free applications, everybody holding hands singing "He's got the world in his hands" if beginners can't even set up their OS to work a printer.  Remember how it was when you started.  How long did it take you?  How'd you learn? A class? A friend? Could you set up everything?
Yes I am a Newbie!  You were too at one time. 

Newbie (that has tried to switch about 6 times in the last 10 years.) 

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