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Harold Hartley harold_hartley at
Mon Sep 3 16:24:27 UTC 2007

Billie Walsh wrote:
> On 09/03/2007 Michael Bach (gmx) wrote:
>> The standard linksys
>> software is maybe too limited for more advanced setups of port
>> forwarding or packet routing. You can replace the original linksys
>> firmware by openwrt [1] (I actually run my router with this). Openwrt
>> can be extended by additional packages.
> Yikes! I had forgotten about the openwrt thing. By all means if you are 
> running a Linksys install the new software to it. It makes a monster 
> machine out of them. We've got two running and they kick booty. [ Don't 
> tell anyone I told you but you can crank them babies up to about a 
> quarter watt output for some real WIFI connectivity. Don't recommend it 
> for long term use but............... We run ours at about 100/125mW. ]
> IF you try to access the router from a windows machine use Firefox, NOT 
> IE. When we changed over our first one Tracie, who has to have Windows 
> for her work, thought she had killed the router. IE wouldn't show all 
> the menus, and trashed what it did show. I logged in with Firefox on 
> Linux and everything was fine. She opened up Firefox and logged in and 
> it was fine.
I run the WRT54GL router by linksys and will look into it...


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