Troubles with KPilot

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Sun Sep 2 18:28:33 UTC 2007

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> I am having rouble trying to link my Z22 pdf with dapper kubuntu.
> Executing KPilot I get the following log:
> Version: KPilot 4.6.0 (blivit)
> Version: pilot-link 0.11.8
> Version: KDE 3.5.2
> Version: Qt 3.3.6
> HotSync Log
> 13:39:32 Starting the KPilot daemon ...
> 13:39:32 Daemon status is `not running'
> 13:39:32 Pilot device /dev/pilot does not exist. Probably it is a USB device 
> and will appear during a HotSync.
> 13:39:44 Device link ready.
> 13:39:56 Unable to read system information from Pilot
> 13:41:06 Changed username to `gie'.
> 13:41:06 Next HotSync will be: HotSync. Please press the HotSync button.
> 13:41:20 Trying to open device /dev/pilot...
> 13:41:20 Device link ready.
> 13:41:32 Next sync will be a Fast Sync. Please press the HotSync button.
> 13:41:32 Next HotSync will be: FastSync. Please press the HotSync button.
> 13:41:52 Unable to read system information from Pilot
> 13:42:17 Trying to open device /dev/pilot...
> 13:42:17 Device link ready.
> 13:42:46 Unable to read system information from Pilot
> with the progress  bar stopped at 30%.
> I have a suspicion that some daemon is not installed but I have not idea which 
> or what one.
> Comments greatly appreciated.

I have a Palm Z22 and to get it to sync I have to first start Kpilot (which
complains that "Daemon status is `not running'"); then, from a terminal, run
'kpilotDaemon' (as a normal user - without the quotes); then, when it complains 
that it can't sync, go
to 'Settings' > Configure KPilot > click on 'Device' (left panel) and under 'Pilot
Device' change the '/dev/ttyUSB1' to '/dev/ttyUSB2' - click apply - then change it
back to '/dev/ttyUSB1' THEN, having previously clicked the 'Sync' icon on my Palm,
it will connect  :-)

What an effort! But it works - sometimes I have to change the device back and
forth between '/dev/ttyUSB1' & '/dev/ttyUSB2' several times to get it to sync -
it's a pain.



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