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Derek Broughton news at
Sat Sep 1 15:39:23 UTC 2007

Sylviane et Perry White wrote:

> On Saturday 01 September 2007 15:08, Billie Walsh wrote:
> (snip)
>> It appears that bmarsh at asked to leave the list. For some
>> reason the list settings appear to be set to send a notification to the
>> whole list.
> (snip)
> I really doubt the settings are so, more simply bmarsh just sent his
> confirmation to kubuntu-users at instead of replying to
> kubuntu-users-request at
That was my guess, too, but most Mailman is actually capable of intercepting
obvious subscribe/unsubscribe requests (and confirmations thereof) so one
would hope that this list would do the same...

Mr. Vollom's (not likely his real name) reposting of the original messages
appear to be purely malicious.

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