Permission Problems

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Oct 31 21:32:30 UTC 2007

mickey wrote:

> mickey wrote:
>> Nils Kassube wrote:
>>> lanzen wrote:
>>>> On Wednesday 31 October 2007 18:41:54 Nils Kassube wrote:
>>>>> Use "kdesu konqueror" instead.
>>>> No joy.  ;)
>>>> But it's got something to do
>>>> with permissions, doesn't it?
>>> The question is: Does it start Konqueror as root? When I use "kdesu
>>> konqueror" from Konsole, I get the same error messages but it does
>>> start konqueror as root. Therefore I don't see a real problem. Many
>>> KDE programs have lots of meaningless error messages when startet
>>> from a terminal - and I ignore the error messages unless there is
>>> really something not working.
>> It starts Konqueror, but not su, because if I try to edit I don't have
>> write permissions in / .

I see.  Actually you're barking up the wrong tree.  The messages you
included have nothing to do with the problem.

Konqueror (or whatever app) actually _does_ start with root privs.  You can
verify this by going to /tmp, right click in there and choose "Create New"
to create any kind of file.  It will do it and you'll see it is owned by
root.root.  However, if you right click on that file and choose to open
with Kate, _Kate_ gets kicked off with your privs!

# ps aux | grep konq
root     10942  0.5  2.7  52780 27940 pts/0    S+   18:24   0:02 konqueror

# ps aux | grep kate
derek    10986  7.2  2.2  41624 23580 ?        S    18:30   0:01 kate
[kdeinit] --use /tmp/Text File


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