Gutsy and Atheros - now working

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 30 21:44:44 GMT 2007

Mike Leone wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>> One last thing that still annoys me is that KNetworkManager needs to
>>> prompt me for my KDE Wallet password, before it loads up support for the
>>> card and activates it, when I log in. Anyone know how to make that just
>>> load up without prompting me every time I log in?
>> No.  Living out in the sticks, and using TLS and HTTPS for anything
>> important, I never bothered to secure my wireless router.
> I live in the city; every neighbor has a wireless router. :-) No, really

I'm sure - I've been known to do a little war driving.

> - my next door neighbor asked me about mine, because she saw my SSID
> broadcasting through our common wall, and recognized it as mine. She was
> trying to use the city wireless network, and my router was showing a
> stronger signal (understandably), and she wondered if she could connect
> to mine. I explained how that wouldn't really be happening. ;-)
> While I could turn off broadcasting, it's easier (and safer) to turn on
> WPA.

Actually, while using Network Manager I'm not sure you _can_ turn off
broadcasting.  I don't subscribe to the devel list anymore, so it may have
changed, but it didn't used to connect to hidden ssids, and I got the
impression the developers were against letting it, on the grounds that
hiding an SSID is poor security.  It is, but if the network you have to
connect to has no broadcast SSID, it's not helpful to tell the users to
complain to the sysadmins.

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