Scott slewin at bmts.com
Mon Oct 29 18:45:12 UTC 2007

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I just wondered if there are any comments, advice etc from the group.
> Or pointers to where I can find out more.
	If you are wondering what Xandros is the best place to go would 
probably be www.xandros.com.

	Xandros is what Corel Linux haves become.  After microsoft purchased a 
large share of Corel, Corel stopped the production of Corel Linux. 
After microsoft sold their shares of Corel, Corel sold Corel Linux to 
another Canadian Company who now produces the distribution under the 
name of Xandros.

	If you are asking about opinions of Xandros.  I find it to be the most 
graphically pleasing and easy installation of any operating system.  I 
also find the OS is very easy to use, epically software installs, and 
haves good eye candy.  Also, if you are Canadian, it is a bonus that it 
is a Canadian distribution.

	The cons would be that it is considerably proprietary, and when I 
tested it, it did not have a very good selection of software to install 
through its software manager; but it was good at installing proprietary 
software.    Also, I don't think it haves a very large community, at 
least nothing like Kubuntu, that can help and support the system for 
free.  I think most of the support comes through the company with a fee.

Your friend,

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