Hibernating a desktop machine

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Oct 29 18:04:09 UTC 2007

Michel D'HOOGE wrote:

> On Monday 29 October 2007 13:58:19 Derek Broughton wrote:
>> No need to be scared
> Yes, hibernating (or suspend to disk) is much more easy to do than a
> suspend to RAM since you don't need any special hardware. This is simply
> the kernel that detects at boot time that a memory snapshot is available
> in swap. If you're really, really unlucky your video card won't be
> correctly initialised and you won't see anything but normally everything
> else must be up and running (so quite still easy to force a full
> shutdown).
> BTW, a common pitfall once you get use to hibernating is to forget to
> reboot after a kernel upgrade. In my case, grub always chooses the last
> version which doesn't recognise (sigh) the snapshot and do a cold boot
> (Bug #76424).

Yes - it's always a mystery to me why my laptop comes up to a KDM login
prompt instead of the screensaver password prompt, and it takes a while to
clue in that it rebooted instead of resuming :-)  I'm not sure why
update-grub couldn't just add new kernels _after_ the current one, rather
than before, then a reboot without making a choice should usually bring up
the original kernel.

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