Virtual Machine Vs Separate Partition

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Oct 28 16:43:01 UTC 2007

Bruce Marshall wrote:

> On Friday 26 October 2007, Scott wrote:
>> I'm using a Inspiron 1501 laptop which haves a AMD 64 Athlon X2
>> running at a total of 1.6Ghz and with 1GB of RAM.
> I guess in my opinion, your laptop doesn't have enough horsepower to use a
> virtual environment.  Yes you could get it to work, but I don't think
> you'd be happy with it.

It really depends what you want to do.  I have run XP in VMWare with a
vastly less powerful computer than that, and been perfectly happy with it
(otoh, I've set up VMs in the same system that ran terribly - and I've
never really understood what I did differently!).  So yes, his laptop has
plenty of power to run a virtual environment.  Whether it has enough for
the particular apps he wants, is another matter...


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