need to unplug USB drive

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at
Sat Oct 27 14:12:04 UTC 2007


If I plug in my "SanDisk" as user A, A becomes the owner.
Then if I change session to user B, B cannot write to the "SanDisk"

I tried to su as user A (perry) and use chmod, but to no avail:
I was able to decrease the permissions to 700 (that made the drive not 
accessible at all for user B)
But trying to increase the permission at 777 had no effect for user B and the 
setting was back at 755 after su(ing) again to user A.

I also explored the system settings  and got the access right bars ungreyed 
(clickable) in the access-right tab of the properties for the disk ( and also 
managed to have executable programs work directly from the drive)
That was of no help because I could not make those permissions stick(y)
Had no luck on Google either.

1) Pull out and plug in again the disk ("safely remove does not work here")
	_simple but not elegant.
2) Change session to user A, "safely remove" and change again to user B.
	_tedious, and does not work unless disk is physically removed.
3) su as A and use command lines to write.
	_my wife can't do that  ;-)

4)	***What do you suggest?***

Thanks for pointers		Perry

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from the nearby road

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