Virtual Machine Vs Separate Partition

Scott slewin at
Fri Oct 26 22:44:22 UTC 2007

Bruce Marshall wrote:
> I guess in my opinion, your laptop doesn't have enough horsepower to use a 
> virtual environment.  Yes you could get it to work, but I don't think you'd 
> be happy with it.
> You didn't mention how much HD space you have available for this but the space 
> requirements will be pretty much the same no matter what path you choose.
I have 80gigs, which I find to be a huge amount of space.  It is enough
that I get lazy and never delete anything :)  At the moment, I have 30
gigs free.

> I run XP in a vmware workstation but it is on a  2.8GHZ P4 and it is 
> reasonable enough in performance....    but for real use, I turn to a similar 
> machine running XP on the next desk.
I probably stated my computer's speed wrong.  I mentioned its number of
cycles per second.  Its rated speed, when compared to Pentiums, is
either 2.8+Ghz or 3.0Ghz+.  I can't remember for sure as my CPU speed
monitor states the actual cycles.

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