kde problem on gutsy

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Oct 26 13:02:07 UTC 2007

Kaj Haulrich wrote:

> On Friday 26 October 2007 12:09:33 pkaplan1 at comcast.net wrote:
>> I just did a mostly clean install of gutsy.  As in previous
>> "upgrades", I allowed the installer to reformat / partition while
>> leaving intact the /home partition.  Thus all my user directories
>> are preserved intact.  Now however, I can't login to one of my
>> user accounts through kdm.  After entering the username and
>> password, I get an error window (an unadorned X dialog box)
>> telling me that startkdeconfig won't run (don't recall the exact
>> wording).  After selecting the OK button to clear the dialog box,
>> the system thinks for a few seconds and then dumps me back to the
>> kdm login screen.  I can login to the same account using another
>> window manager, and I've tried renaming the .kde directory, but
>> no luck, I still can't get this account to start kde.  Since I'm
>> writing this from another (new to gutsy) account, there's nothing
>> apparently wrong with the kde installation.
>> Any ideas how to get back to kde on the first account?

Reboot ?  (I know that's so not linuxish, but see below)
> Looks like a mismatch on the user's UID numbers.  Try:
> System Settings --> User Management
> and correct as needed.

My guess, too.  Alternatively, "sudo chown -R user.user /home/user"

Also, delete anything in /tmp related to that user (my guess is that it's
kde-user or ksocket-user, since it's only a KDE problem - which is why
reboot might work).

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