Q: configuring kate to start a new instance

Juan Carlos Torres carlosdgtorres at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 02:40:17 UTC 2007

On Thursday 25 October 2007 4:41:44 am D. R. Evans wrote:
> I am rapidly becoming a fan of the KDE kate text editor. However, one thing
>  is extremely annoying: when I use kate to edit a file, if there's already
> an instance of kate running somewhere (usually on another desktop), instead
> of starting up a new instance, the new edit is added to the already-running
> instance.
> Does anyone know of a way to change this maddening behaviour, so that a new
> instance of kate is always started?
> (This is on a 64-bit dapper system running KDE 3.5.5; kate is version
> 2.5.5)
> The man page implies that in order to get the observed behaviour, KDE is
> probably actually running "kate -u <file>", so presumably there's a place
> somewhere I can change that to simply "kate" instead of "kate -u" -- but
> where do I do that?

Remove the -u or --use flag in the Kate menu entry in the K Menu. K Menu -> 
Utilities -> right-click on Kate -> Edit this item.

Hope that helps.

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