Database Locked - Adept Crashes

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at
Wed Oct 24 23:50:14 UTC 2007

Hi all, this is a weird problem that's come right out of the blue...

If I try to load up my Adept I get:
Database Locked - Another process is using the packaging system
Resolve Problem? Yes/No/Cancel.

If I choose Yes it crashes with the message:
Signal 6 (SIGABRT)
and if I click the Backtrace tab I get:
'Backtrace appears to be if no use.'

I loaded up KSysGuard and I seem to have:
adept_notifier - running under my user name
adept_updater - running as 'root'.

adept_updater seems odd as I'm already running a bang up to date Gutsy   :/

I tried rebooting the PC but everything is still as above.

Assuming adept_updater is my my problem, how can I stop it loading at boot?

Thanks in advance!   :)

Ronnie Tucker

ronnie at

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