Where's the "Cube"

Douglas Phillipson phillipd at oem.doe.gov
Wed Oct 24 19:14:14 UTC 2007

Greg Booth wrote:
>>> Yeah, have to have what, at least 4 desktops to get the cube ? I've
>>> played around with this in KDE but it's just not very stable. It seems
>>> to crash every once in a while and make you restart X.
>> Right, you got to have four for the cube, but three or five and upwards
>> will do all the same. With two you get a nice flip-flop thingy anyway.
>> I've given up compiz in kde: it's just not compatible enough. I have the
>> impression that beryl was doing slightly better.
>> --
>> lanzen
> Yeah, has anyone else tried the compiz-fuzion packages ? Supposedly
> it's a collaborative effort by both compiz and beryl to get it
> working.
> Greg
I for one wish Beryl would NOT have recombined with Compiz.  Beryl used 
to work well on Kubuntu.  The links on the Beryl project page to Ubuntu 
(How to Install) are no longer any good.

Beryl please come back!!!!

Doug P

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