Screen Power Saving disabling itself

Greg Booth bootgr at
Mon Oct 22 22:04:28 UTC 2007

On 10/22/07, Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at> wrote:
> On Monday 22 October 2007, Greg Booth wrote:
> > Much as the subject says the Power Saving mode for my monitor keeps
> > turning itself off randomly. I haven't been able to pin it down to any
> > one event, and I'm not sure where this setting resides on the computer
> > otherwise I'd just make a cron job to check / set it every 15 minutes
> > or something.
> I believe there are some programs (mostly multimedia ) that will turn off the
> monitor PS mode.  Yes, it is irritating and I haven't found which one does it
> either.
> And I have a cronjob that does an  "xset +dpms"  but that doesn't always solve
> the problem either.
> I usually go to     settings  >>>  peripherals >>> monitor & Display  >>>
> power saving        and toggle/apply  the power saving   box.
> If it is already set, turn it off/apply     then turn it on/apply

That's EXACTLY what I have to do. Usually though if it isn't turning
itself off the check box is unchecked. Just wish I could figure out
where the setting file for that check box is.

Thanks for the tip on the xset option, I'll cron that tonight.



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