kubuntu-users Digest, Vol 33, Issue 87

Wafa Hakim Orman wafa1024 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 19:57:15 UTC 2007

> Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 20:41:12 +0200
> From: Lantiero Zenesi <lanzenesi at gmail.com>
> Il giorno lun, 22/10/2007 alle 13.16 -0400, Macario Valle ha scritto:
> > I upgrade my main desktop back in beta. now that the final 7.10 is out,
> > the only problem, if you can call it that, is that after some updates
> > with adept, I get the new version notice.  i let that run and proceeds
> > just fine, but after the initial download, tells me I am up to date,
> > there is nothing to update.  No a big deal, nothing broke, just a
> > nuisance.
> Yep, I got that too. At first I thought I had installed Fiesty. ;-)
> But you're right, just a nuisance and that's why it is annoying. And it
> did not happen on my old gusty install, but on a brand new one from a
> downloaded DVD.

--> So I'm not the only one. Mine was a brand-new install too, after
formatting my root partition, installing ubuntu and then the
kubuntu-desktop on top of that. I just canceled it and now hope it
doesn't show up again. It's a rather silly bug.

"So be it."
                  --Kurt Vonnegut

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