Yogich7230 yogich7230 at sc2000.net
Mon Oct 22 04:58:45 UTC 2007

On Sunday 21 October 2007 13:28:36 Derek Broughton wrote:
> Michael Bach (gmx) wrote:
> > Derek Broughton wrote:
> >> David McGlone wrote:
> >>> On Friday 19 October 2007 5:28:27 pm Yogich7230 wrote:
> >>>> How does one find out what the UUID of a drive partition is?  Once a
> >>>> backup is restored, one plays a little hell getting partitions to
> >>>> mount, since the UUID is different.
> >>>
> >>> cat /etc/fstab
> >>
> >> er, no.  If he's having trouble getting it to mount, then the one in
> >> fstab isn't the one actually on the partition ...
> >>
> >> "sudo vol_id /dev/xxxx" will tell you what the UUID for partition
> >> /dev/xxxx is.
> >
> > A tool I used in the past was "disktype". It lists information about
> > partions or lists partions with their inforamtion for a whole drive.
> > Amongst the partition info are the filetype and the UUID.
> Yes, there are actually many ways to get the UUID - it was just that fstab
> isn't a reliable one :)
> --
> derek

I really appreciate everyones' help on this one... I didn't think to look in 
the menu.list, for one thing, and then I wasn't certain enough of the 
architecture to know exactly where to look.  My son stumbled on the UUIDs 
in /dev/disk, and I wonder at the fact that I didn't find it, given the 
amount of time I have spent looking around, in there. :-\ lol

At any rate... thank you, one and all, for helping me get to the bottom of 
this minor mystery.
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