feisty -> gutsy upgrade failure

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 22:40:17 UTC 2007

Martin Laberge said the following at 10/21/2007 08:54 AM :

> I believe you had the same problem than anyone on 18-20 oct
> This seems to me not to be a system problem of any kind, (not for me here)
> but a simple overflow of too many peoples wanting the kde-358 upgrade of feisty,
> and the others wanting the gusty upgrade... and i would bet we were MANY
> repeated on 21, and all went well
> just try again today or tomorrow, it will probably work well. (worked for me)

Yep; I just tried it again and it seems to have worked. Next time I'll wait
a few days. If I have the patience.

I see three issues so far: one I have resolved:

(1): it seems that by default the required code to perform NFS mounts is
missing. By googling, I discovered that one needs to install nfs-common
manually (this has been reported as a bug and will presumably be fixed
shortly). Installing nfs-common indeed allowed me to perform NFS mounts.

The next two I haven't figured out yet:

(2): The log-in screen is HUGE and I can see only part of it on the 15"
monitor on that machine. I have to kind-of scroll it around with the mouse
in order to log in. So how do I fix the size of the log-in screen so it
fits on the monitor? Once I log in to KDE everything is fine.

(3): I don't see any sign of KDE4. Where is it hiding? (I thought that it
would be an option on the login screen or at least somewhere obvious, but I
don't see it mentioned anywhere. This is pretty old hardware (form the year
2000; it orginally came with... ugh! WinME installed), so that machine
won't be able to take advantage of any of the fancy 3D stuff, but
presumably I still ought to be able to run KDE4, or does KDE4 need the
fancy modern hardware and Kubuntu is smart enough not to tell me about it
because it won't run?)


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