feisty -> gutsy upgrade failure

Yogich7230 yogich7230 at sc2000.net
Sun Oct 21 04:56:11 UTC 2007

On Saturday 20 October 2007 22:32:06 D. R. Evans wrote:
> Erebus said the following at 10/20/2007 11:37 AM :
> > I had similar results happen a dozen or so times, one time I downloaded
> > all but 7 files and then it died. So I finally backed up my data files
> > and installed a clean new version of Kubuntu 7.10 AMD64.
> On about the sixth attempt, the upgrader application passed the
> verification step.
> Several hours passed while it downloaded the upgrade files.
> And then the application disappeared from the screen.
> So I did it again; this time at least it was smart enough not to download
> the files again... but the application disappeared again.
> I tried one more time... same thing.
> I am sorely tempted to say something I would regret, so I won't.
> At this point I think I have a system that has downloaded all the necessary
> upgrade files, but won't actually do anything with them. I looked in
> /var/log/messages but there's no indication there of anything wrong.
> What do I do now? Other than perform a full installation from scratch,
> which really defeats the point of Kubuntu having a mechanism for upgrading
> the OS.
>   Doc

Hello, Doc ...

I am really wondering how many other boxes this might be affecting.  I am on a 
3-year-old(?) retired-from-business Dell Inspiron 1100, have installed & 
updated Gutsy on two partitions of the HD more than once, because of other 
issues.   Everything seems to run as a well-oiled machine.

In my case... it was the installation that was causing me some grief --like a 
missed installation step, for instance-- and not the updater.  If more people 
are having this prob than are not, perhaps it is time to report a bug...?  Or 
is it a hdwe problem?

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