Greg Booth bootgr at
Sat Oct 20 23:35:53 BST 2007

> > Shockwave or Flash ? They're two different things. Adobe FLASH is
> > supported on Linux, but Adobe Shockwave is not. You need to install
> > mozilla-flash ? ( apt-cache search flash should turn it up ) to get
> > Flash plugin working for firefox.
> >
> From the the video on the web i have been redirected to:
> Is that 'Adobe shockwave'?
> Anyway, firefox displays the video, only konqueror doesn't. Nothing has
> changed in the paths to plugins. Until a few weeks ago, what was ok for
> mozilla, was ok for konq as well.
> thank you
> --
> Pol

And that's Shockwave you linked, and there is no shockwave for Linux. Period

Shockwave is Flash but with more programming. Most of the games you
play online are shockwave, unless they're VERY simple games that can
be done in Flash. I'm no expert though, anyone else with more
knowledge on it chime in.


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