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Sat Oct 20 22:47:06 UTC 2007

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Greg Booth wrote:

>> > Shockwave or Flash ? They're two different things. Adobe FLASH is
>> > supported on Linux, but Adobe Shockwave is not. You need to install
>> > mozilla-flash ? ( apt-cache search flash should turn it up ) to get
>> > Flash plugin working for firefox.
>> >

I cannot find mozilla-flash for gutsy:
% apt-cache search flash |grep mozilla        

  mozilla-noscript - Javascript/plugins permissions manager for Iceweasel
and Iceape
  mozilla-plugin-gnash - free SWF movie player - Plugin for Mozilla and
  swfdec-mozilla - Mozilla plugin for SWF files (Macromedia Flash)

Anyway firefox is working. 
So shockwave works for Firefox, not for Konqueror?

thank you 


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