Kubunty Gusty slower than Feisty

Jarkko Palviainen jarkko.palviainen at lut.fi
Sat Oct 20 13:35:04 UTC 2007

On Sat, 20 Oct 2007 15:51:15 +0300, Ted Frater <ted.frater at virgin.net>  

> Id like to mention  the following,
> that the various later versions  of Linux really are slower.
> Ive a p3 850 thinkpad( A21P) with 512 megs of ram running a dual boot
> with win 98se.
>  and slackware 10. This was installed some 4 yrs ago and has been
> flawlless over this time.
>  I use as my browser Opera 9.0
>  This latter combination is fast on this "relatively" old linux distro
> and laptop.
>  I had a Dell latitude C840 come my way recently, its a p4 1.6gig intel
> mobile chip with 1gig of ram.
> Same size screen 15.1  on both,  running 1600 by 1200 res. ( take the
> same screen)!!
> I put on the last version of Ubuntu with the latest version of Opera
> This was in anticipation of  a much improved? experience both with
> Ubuntu and Opera.
>  Would you believe it?
>  It is not the case!!
>  My P3 Thinkpad is coinsistently faster both in Slackware  and Opera  
> usage.
> I amat a loss to know why.
>  Anyone have any suggestions?
> were not talking about build quality  where the 7yr old Thinkpad beats
> the Dell hands down.
> just  the overal software performance.

I would not consider using Opera as a performance metrics. Do you refer to  
the latest stable Opera version 9.2x? It is known to have performance and  
stability issues on Unix systems. Or the bleeding edge 9.50 _alpha_ ?  
Though, Opera 9.50 latest alpha release works nicely on my Kubuntu Gutsy.

Noticeable slowdown often means that there are problems. See 'top' if any  
particular process is eating up the cpu (like the previously mentioned  
desktop search indexing your disk). And, /var/log/* will most propably  
show warnings and/or errors when things go wrong. Try to investigate what  
is the real problem there.

- Jarkko

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