Uninstall Firefox

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Oct 18 23:38:59 UTC 2007

Darryl Tidd wrote:

> This has been an interesting trip.  My initial plan was this.  I installed
> Kubuntu on a computer with WinXP.  Therefore, when I installed Kubuntu
> pulled in all my settings and stuff for firefox, including add-ons.  I was
> trying to remove an add-on but couldn't.  I followed the usual uninstall
> steps, and also the manual uninstall directions posted on a Ubuntu
> website.  Nothing seemed to work.  Therefore I was going to remove
> firefox, delete all related directories and reinstall.  (like you can do
> in winXP).  I guess, being a newbie, I didn't really understand all the
> dependency issues.

OK, well I guess I should point out that if you actually tell us what you
_want_ to do, we can probably tell you the right way to do it!

Generally, to fix an individual package, you would just do:

# sudo dpkg-reconfigure PACKAGE

possibly using 

# sudo aptitude reinstall PACKAGE

first.  The sledgehammer approach (I've been forced to use it more than
once) to get rid of a package without uninstalling everything it depends
on, is:

# sudo dpkg --force-all --purge PACKAGE

It will give you a bunch of warnings, and if you run any of the package
managers (adept, synaptic, aptitude, etc) without first reinstalling the
package, you may find MANY packages getting automatically deleted!  So,
immediately after doing that, use:

# sudo aptitude install PACKAGE

to reinstall it.

However, I'm not at all sure I understand your real problem.  I'm really
hard-pressed to believe that installing Kubuntu pulled in your Windows
Firefox settings, as Kubuntu _doesn't_ install Firefox.

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