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Terence Simpson stdin at stdin.me.uk
Wed Oct 17 13:39:45 UTC 2007

Manpreet Dhillon wrote:
> Hello Friends! I have enabled all the available repositries listed in SOURCES.LIST file by uncommenting them. Now I want to know that are there some other repositries except Medibuntu and these default?
> If yes then please tell me which they are and what type of software they contain. And tell me the repo needed to Install and Update Wine Windows Emulator.
> Thanks 
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First off using 3rd party repositories is not recommended, as we can not
support the software. If you report a bug on it then the bug will be
rejected and, if you need support with it, the community will find it
difficult as we don't know what changes the package has from the
default. But it's up to you if you do want these repositories or not.
Now about WINE, it's not a Windows emulator. In fact WINE stands for
(W)ine (I)s (N)ot an (E)mulator, if you want a newer version than what's
in the default repositories then you should look at the WINE guide[1] on
the Ubuntu help pages[2], you'll also find a lot of information for
other software on there, as well as general help.

Terence Simpson

[1] <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine>
[2] <https://help.ubuntu.com/>

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