rt2x00 works!

Matevž Jekovec matevz.jekovec at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 09:30:59 UTC 2007

I want to thank the network and especially knetworkmanager team for
making my rt2x00 wireless card to work (ASUS WL107g pcmcia). Using
Kubuntu Gutsy, I can out-of-the box connect to unencrypted, WEP or WPA
encrypted network. The driver also works just fine if I eject the card
in the middle of download.

This probably sounds very boring for non-rt2x00 users but in past
versions of Ubuntu (and other distros), rt2x00 driver crashed a lot (eg.
if you ejected the card while connection is up, I got kernel panic). I
needed to recompile the drivers everytime the kernel was upgraded. And
finally frontend for the network never actually worked. This is now all

You rock!
Matevž Jekovec

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