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Galvanick Lucipher gerhardusm2002 at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 17 08:19:40 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 05:34:29 darryl.tidd wrote:
> The plot thickens. [. . .]

	If I understand this correctly, ubuntu-desktop is not a package with actual 
programs but merely a list of components that make up the default ubuntu 
desktop (a "metapackage", because its only function is to telly you of other 
packages). It is useful only for upgrade purposes, and removing it has no 
effect at all on how your system works (althought it will be messier to 
upgrade, when the time comes).

	One of the items on the ubuntu-desktop list is firefox. If you remove the 
latter, you no longer have all the requisites of the default ubuntu, so the 
former also goes. If you reinstall ubuntu-desktop, it tries to pull all of 
its components, so you get back firefox, OpenOffice, and al the stuff that 
gets installed by default.

	My advice: if you don't want to have firefox, OpenOffice, etc, just get rid 
of ubuntu-desktop and the rest of metapackages. They'll make no difference on 
how your system works.

	I wish this was better explained in the ububntu documentation, because it 
seems to be a quite frequent source of confussion.

	Hope this helps,

	- Urtzi -

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